Lawn Care Businesses 101

Over a million people in the US are engaged in maintaining lawns and grounds. This number is going to rise, which means that the demand for lawn care is going to rise exponentially. Compared to other professions lawn care is one of the fastest growing professions in the US and there is definitely a market for new lawn care businesses. Read on if you are thinking about starting a lawn care business.

Define your objectives

The first thing that you need to before you start a lawn care business is define your objectives. Also, make out a detailed plan of action and describe why you wish to start a lawn care business in the first place. There are several options available to you in this regard including working part time in your new business, or you can choose to make it your full-time business. You should also be clear in your mind about whether you can handle various aspects of your lawn care business like invoicing and taxes as well as sales and marketing. You are not going to know how to do all of these things at first so ask yourself if you have the resourcefulness needed to pick up new skills on the fly. In your plan of action, you also need to define how your business is different than the competition.

Buy the right equipment

The third step that you need to take after you have decided to start a lawn business is choose your equipment. At this stage, you are ready now to identify as well as purchase required equipment that will help you serve your customers. The best equipment is whatever YOU need to get the job done. This varies greatly between different companies depending on work load and services offered. The equipment that you choose should also be of a high quality and it should not require too much maintenance. Also, when choosing your equipment, you must keep in mind the amount that you have to pay to own the equipment. It is important that you look beyond the initial cost as you also need to factor in how well it suits your needs. A quality piece of equipment is never a bad investment. It can pay for itself 100x over or more!

Ask peers

The best way to pick the right equipment is by asking your peers. Also, ask dealers for guidance and be sure to make full use of the Internet to help you pick the best equipment. When buying your equipment be sure to also check the guarantee and warranty and be sure to check that the company that you are buying from is one that enjoys a good reputation for quality as well as for top notch customer service. Finally, only buy equipment for which parts are readily available.

It’s time to get your hustle on

Now that you are ready to solicit business you must now start doing the legwork to help you identify and tap customers as you learn how to start a lawn care business. Go out and address your target audience and also use modern technology to help you get new customers. One option available to you to get business for your new lawn care business is to measure properties. Armed with these measurements you can then start sending quotes to the owners of those properties to provide lawn care services. This option allows you to save money while at the same time also drumming up new business. Removing the extra step of a separate quote can help convert sales much more quickly. Be sure to come across as a real professional.

Be professional

Your clients will appreciate a lawn care business that deals with them professionally. So, be ready to invest on a good logo and also in business cards that are professionally designed. The more you build up awareness about your brand the easier it becomes to generate business.

Lawntrepreneur Quote of the day

"Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise"

Ted Turner, Entrepreneur and Businessman

Team of professionals

A good lawn care business requires a good team of professionals. So, when your business starts flourishing you should think about assembling a team of professionals who can help you manage your lawn care business. Before hiring professionals to your team, be sure that you do a background check to help you weed out anyone who could end up being a liability to your new lawn business. There are many things to take into consideration when hiring employees. Obviously you need to consider subject matter knowledge and experience. Also consider where YOU personally are weakest. Find someone who supports you in those areas. The ability to delegate efficiently is a core skill needed by the successful entrepreneur. In my opinion, nothing is more important to consider when hiring than integrity. Skills can be taught but character can’t. Build your lawn care business on a solid foundation and it will reward you later.

Market your business

When your lawn care business has started to flourish it is time for you to market your business more aggressively. Word of mouth is the cheapest means to get the word across that you are in the business of providing top class lawn care services. Remember that your current customers are a potential gold mine when it comes to future marketing success. If you collect the right information from them then you can market to them in the future.

Repeat business is always cheaper to acquire than new business. Collect email, phone numbers, and addresses from all customers (and potential customers when possible). This information will be very valuable later. You should request your customers to provide you with a testimonial or you can get them to write about you on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you have provided satisfactory service, your clients will readily provide you with positive feedback. Also, to grow your lawn care business you may also need to invest some money to generate referrals.

To market your lawn care business, you should also go online because that is where there are tons of potential customers waiting to get to know you. Creating a website helps you generate new clients. In a similar vein, you should also set up your Facebook page, as then you can potentially tap into the estimated over one and half billion users.

After setting up your website you will want to claim a Google Business listing. This step will help you find more numbers of potential clients and if you harness the power of SEO then your website could even be ranked at the top of the search engine result pages. Last but not least, when your clients leave online reviews of your lawn care business, you need to make an effort to manage these online reviews. The more positive reviews you get the better your chances of gaining more customers from your website or online presence.