Starting a Lawn Care Business from Scratch

Welcome to My name is Fletcher Strickland and I am the owner of Lawn Works landscaping company based out of Madison, Mississippi. Lawn works is a full-service landscaping company offering a diverse list of services. I successfully bootstraped this business with no outside investors and no debt. In under 5 years Lawn Works has managed to generate six figures in revenue, with each year averaging 25% year over year growth. I created this site to share techniques and strategies about my experience in the lawn care industry. My goal is to teach you about starting a lawn care business from scratch.

Besides owning and operating my lawn care company, i am also a programmer, artist, and serial entrepreneur. This is where my true passion lies. To someone born with the entrepreneurial spirit the thought of a conquering a new challenge each day can be a powerful driving force. Starting a lawn care business from scratch is no different.