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Starting a Lawn Care Business

Why Should I Start My Own Business?

Starting a lawn care business can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. A lawn care business may very well be the best, most practical venture for those who are born with an entrepreneurial itch. There are many reasons people would choose to start their own business. Some people are simply unhappy at work. Others do not like the time commitment that comes with a normal 9-5 job. Some people are born leaders and would rather put their energy into something they’ve built themselves. If you’re like me then its a combination of all of the above. There is simply no comparing a life spent in a cubicle versus one spent out in the open air creating your own future!

But Is It Really Practical?

Entrepreneurs know that all new business ventures come with risk. So if you are completely averse to risk then maybe you should sit back down in your cubicle and ride it out for the next 40 years. For the rest of us who know that fortune favors the bold, the answer is YES! The lawn care business is a very practical way to earn a good living working for yourself. In my guide ” How I Bootstrapped a Six Figure Lawn Care Business ” I detail how I built a lawn empire with a small initial investment. Within 5 years this business was producing a six figure income. I am proud to say this income supports not only myself but also friends and family! My lawn care business has also given me freedom from living my life around someone else’s schedule.

The guide details strategies that allow you to break into this exciting industry even if you can’t afford to put a lot of money into it. The landscaping industry did $77 Billion in revenue back in 2016 and has continued healthy growth since that time. You might ask yourself why would I give away my secrets? Why would I potentially flood the market with new lawn care companies to compete against? That’s the beautiful thing about the the lawn care industry. There is much more demand than can currently be serviced. Many lawn care companies have much more business than they can actually handle. Clients are commonly settling for sub par lawn care companies because those are the only ones available. This is where you come in! Starting a lawn care business not only benefits you but also your community.

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But Isn’t It Hard Work?

Yes, it is physically demanding. But the truth about starting a new business is that unless you have an earth-shattering idea, you need to offer something people can’t do or aren’t willing to do for themselves. Industries and technologies come and go, but hard honest work never goes out of style. That is especially true in 2018 and beyond. Adult obesity rates in the US have reached as high as 38% in some states! That is a scary stat indeed. However, it also represents opportunity. Many people today are physically unable to do their own lawn care. Others are simply too lazy.

If the hard work didn’t scare you off then keep reading. Hard work doesn’t mean that you will toil away for the rest of your life to scrape by. On the contrary, it means that those are not scared of hard work can build something that eventually gets much easier. This is especially true as your empire grows. Your equipment gets better over time. Your crew grows in size and skill. These days my work consists of overseeing marketing strategies and maintaining customer relations rather than pushing a mower!

Why Should You Buy My Guide?

The truth is there are many resources for learning about starting a lawn care business on the internet. I advise you to take advantage of those. However, few if any of the people behind these sites have truly bootstrapped a successful business. ” How I Bootstrapped a Six Figure Lawn Care Business ” will give you valuable advise on not only the lawn care industry but also how to think like an entrepreneur. If you’re like me, then you get a great sense of pride when you conquer a new challenge with a creative solution! Learn from the mistakes and insights of someone who has been there as you are starting a lawn care business of your very own! And yes, the title of the book is true. I started my company Lawn Works, based out of Madison, MS with nothing but extra money from my day job. From this I was able to build a six figure income in under 5 years.

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