9 Tips For a More Effective Website


Your Lawn Care Business Website

So if you have just started your lawn care business or you want to start one, a great way to promote your business is by creating your own lawn care business website. Having a website that attracts potential clients is important. It’s not just about creating a website and uploading contents. Your website should be attractive enough to capture the attention of your audience and should contain some important company details. Some of them are:

  1. Contact information: So people know what you offer, how do they then contact you? This is one of the most important factors. You can’t afford to place your contact information in a place that is hard to find or locate. You can add your phone number or contact at the top of your website. Customers should not have to stress so hard just because they want to call you.
  2. User-friendly website: Your lawn care business website should be accessible from anywhere. This means customers should be able to view your website using a tablet, phone, laptop and basically any device. It should also be easy to navigate and should load fast. People are more likely to cancel a web page that loads slowly. Carry out regular checks to see how fast your website loads. You can do this by loading your website in different locations using different devices. Use images of smaller size to help it load faster. Your web page shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to load.
  3. Add reviews and ratings: After reading through your contents, the next information prospective customers look out for is the number of positive reviews you have. Include reviews from past customers and add ratings. You can do this by sending a follow-up email once the work is completed. Get customers to give feedbacks and their general experience. People are more likely to patronize you that way. If there are a few negative reviews, be sure to provide friendly and reasonable explanations and solutions. This way, your customers can relate to the situation and trust you to offer a solution should a similar occasion arise.
  4. Images are important: Your lawn care business website should not be drab and boring. Include colorful pictures that show clients what you do. Take pictures of past work and help your prospective clients see what you have done. Pictures tell a lot of stories and you should definitely include them on your website or Facebook business page. Always keep this in mind out in the field. Every successful job is an opportunity to take photos for your website.
  5. Detail your services: Clients should know exactly which services you offer. Go in depth on each of your services and when possible list the price or price range. List all the services you offer and let them know what to contact you for. You should also include relevant examples of this service that you have done in the past. Providing photos of previous work with captions can help make a more personal connection with your perspective clients. What is important is to make sure you really stand out from other competitors. People should also know if you offer residential or commercial services. Your location is also paramount. Ask your current customers if they would be willing to provide a reference for your company. If so, advertise this on your website. It speaks volumes to have people in your community vouch for you.
  6. Include your business on Google listing: Get your lawn care business website listed on Google ASAP to build your business online presence. Your business should be among the first to pop up when people search for your kind of business.
  7. Use a content management system: While it’s possible to build your own website from scratch, it is much more efficient to make use a content management system, such as WordPress. Not only does this drastically speed up development of your site, it also contains plugins for essential things such as tracking visitors and boosting SEO.
  8. Hire an SEO expert. When your budget permits then you can boost your sites ranking by using the services of a search engine optimization expert. This can be pricey up front, but the value of long-term organic web traffic is huge. It can drastically reduce advertising costs for you in upcoming years.
  9. Make sure your SEO research is done regionally. That means that the search engine phrases you choose for your site are specific to the area your lawn care business, whether that is a town or a state.

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Applying Your New Web Knowledge

These are a few ways to boost the effectiveness of your lawn care business website. Keep in mind that the internet is a great way to promote the image of your lawn care business. Make a great first impression with your new clients. Make sure that they have no reason to leave your site and look for your competitors. If you don’t currently have a lawn care business website then GET ON IT! Information is moving faster than ever, and that includes in the lawn care industry. Don’t fall behind your competition.