Starting a Lawn Care Business from Scratch

My name is Fletcher Strickland and I am the owner-operator of a landscaping company based out of Madison, Mississippi. I am also a programmer, artist, and serial entrepreneur. As you might imagine I enjoy taking on new challenges in my professional life. I have always been driven professionally by the idea of being free from a 9-5 job and the time commitment that comes with working for someone else. There is nothing at all wrong with working hard at a normal job. However, many people quietly dream of creating their own legacy. Those of us born with the entrepreneurial spirit dream of working toward something that we’ve built ourselves. The question is whether we will procrastinate or take action. That is why I started Lawntrepreneur.com. This site was built to teach other normal guys like myself everything I learned while starting a lawn care business from scratch.

My company is a full service family-run landscaping business that was built from the ground up. As the title of this guide implies I was able to build the company into a six figure business within 5 years. It is important to note that I did not take on any investors, and my only source of funding was my day job as a web designer. I grew up cutting grass so I had previous experience with lawn care, but I had no prior experience in building or running a company. Starting a lawn care business from scratch may have seemed risky to most people but I never let that slow me down.

Now that I’ve had time to reflect on my experience in the landscaping industry I decided to write a guide called “How I Bootstrapped a Six Figure Lawn Care Business”. This guide was designed to describe the specifics involved with starting a landscaping business from scratch, but perhaps more importantly discuss what it means to think like an entrepreneur. The things that have worked for me may not fit your exact situation but I hope you can use them as a blueprint as you face your own unique challenges. Everyone’s business presents a unique set of challenges.

I hope this website and ebook will give you a lot to think about as you start the journey of creating your very own lawn care business. The guide was written to share my personal story which proves that the American dream is very much alive. It doesn’t always take an earth shattering idea to create a successful business. It can also be done simply by entering into a proven market and applying hard work and solid business tactics. I’m proof that a regular guy can create a six figure income out of a childhood dream. Best of luck to you on your journey!

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